Friday, September 14, 2012

Eight Ways of Making Money Online-2


Method No. 1-BLOGGING

In my first post, I had said that there are many ways to make money online. All that you need is a computer and access to the internet. You can go online at the time of your choosing and do something productive. If you feel that you have the the gift of writing, there are two things you can do. As I'll show you later, you can look up sites that have work for writers and make your presence felt there. Or you can do what I am doing right now-create and post a weblog, better known as a BLOG.

Sorry for insulting your intelligence-of course you know what a Blog is. So how do we monetize it? The first question is: You want a dedicated Blog or a free Blog? There are plenty of free Blog sites, where you do not have to buy your domain and pay for hosting. You know about the four leading free sites:

1.   Wordpress:
2.   Blogger: Google's
3.   Windows Live Spaces:
4.   Yahoo 360 Beta:

If you go to, you'll find more than forty free sites that will host your Blog. At this moment, I'm using Google's blogger, even though I have my own website, because I'm posting niche blogs at my website. Go ahead and check out my website, which opens into  and read my blogs. I have 200+blogs zipping around in space. All are monetized and I get around $250 a month. I'm happy.

I recommend using a personal website for your blog. Most blogs in the making money online market are Wordpress blogs. Setting up a Wordpress blog on your website is easy. In fact, guys are queuing up to help install your blog free. Just insert "Step by step Wordpress blog installation" into Google search and you'll find plenty of options. The cheapest is John Chow, who is a Hostgator affiliate and gets his cut from them. I couldn't be bothered, because my first month's hosting is one cent and thereafter it is $3.96 per month. You'll find him at
You might want to look at to install a Theme called Eazytheme.

Once you have your home base set up, you will have to write your blogs. Remember, there are 206 million bloggers globally, growing at 15,000 a day.