Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Memories of Our Working Days

Motheaten khadi clad skeletons
Ambiguous in my thoughts, uninitiated into politics, the events of the past two years as reported on the visual media, has left an unthinking mind like mine numbed, paralysed & without capability of uttering any gutturals.
On a routine evening, if one blunders into switching on the idiot box, you are sure to be accosted by a new face - bumbling to explain why he is justified in looting the exchequer the way he did, why it was totally legal while following ‘best practices of governance’ – all in the interest of the ‘Mango’ man. Then, a retinue of the all & mighty of our nation’s ruling dispensation (all willing to die to save the honour of the Queen bee), waffle about how & when their predecessors looted the ‘reriwala’ of his ‘gajak’ & ‘moongfali’. Then, eloquently going on to explain why - they & only they are equipped to look after the country’s ailing syphilitic common man, who from a general ward (infested by bandicoots) has now been shifted into the ICU infested by roaches & flies), all in the honourable cause of his upliftment (about to meet his maker). Defend, deflect & lunge - a part of jousting, with a contortionists facial expressions is what these gladiators exhibit in their display in falling over each other to prove their loyalties. A show of indignation at being questioned about accountability to us silly folks who elevated them to the high pedestal is frequent. “How dare you suspect our gormints intentions.....”
To me it seems that the skeletons so far in the cupboard of the ‘grand old party’ – aged approximately 125 yrs, have just realised that they better get out before being fossilised. I think the poor skeletons are getting spooked by the way they are getting exposed by the day, as if being forced to join a nudist camp. ‘Why can’t people let us be in peace’.....we are not hurting anyone by staying in the cupboard...seems to be their refrain.
125 yrs old - is that a qualified cliché to add the sobriquet of ‘grand’? Isn’t it that the older one gets, the more infirm one is? The hag should have been retired, interned & laid to rest nearly 50 yrs ago. I am quite sure, that the founding fathers of our constitution would be spinning in their graves if they could view the quagmire our worthy elected representatives have been shoving 1.2 billion people into over the past 65 yrs, slowly but steadily – like the fabled ‘Chinese Torture’.
What does a poor literate ‘mango’ person like I – do. At best turn into an Alphanso, I guess. And then, what about the illiterate ‘mango’? Any possibility of his metamorphosis into a banana? Then I am sure we’ll be a well diversified fruity nation.
Looking at the present state, we seem to be surviving in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
Therefore a dying request from a citizen.....”Gormint ji humko Zoo mein se nikal ke pleej apne orchard mein laga do, ho sakta hai hum phalen phulen”. Is that asking for too much? I imagine just ‘asking’ is blasphemy.