Sunday, October 21, 2012


 Using Mace as an Effective Self-Defense Weapon
Noel Moitra
2010-12-15 23:34

            Amongst the illustrious list of Presidents of the U.S.A., the name Kennedy is both famous and infamous. Do you know that male members of the Kennedy clan, past and present, are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to sexual predatory behavior? President John F Kennedy, ‘JFK’, was like a womanizer possessed, with sexual encounters so plentiful, there are just too many to mention them all. The most famous of all was his dalliance with Marilyn Monroe . His youngest brother, Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy was involved in the infamous ‘Chappaquiddick incident’,  where the unfortunate girl who drowned, Mary Jo Kopechne, was rumored to be engaged in an amorous act which led to the Senator losing control of the car he was driving. We next had JFK’s nephew, William Kennedy Smith, accused of raping Patty Baldwin on March 29, 1991, while his uncle, Ted Kennedy was seen chasing another woman at 0400 next morning, clad only in a T-shirt.    
            Street crimes and rape are live problems that haunt the country. As of today, there have been over 3.73 million street crimes/muggings in 2010 . Somewhere in the U.S., a woman is raped every 2 minutes, states the U.S. Department of Justice . Through 1995-96, more than 787,000 women were the victim of a rape or sexual assault, according to a National Crime Victimization Survey in 1996 . Though numbers have dropped in this decade, statistics for 2009 showed that the U.S. had the ninth highest per capita rate of rapes in the world, with an average in excess of 90,000 per year for the period 2003-08, the highest in the world . Much more needs to and can be done to safeguard our womenfolk, allow them freedom of movement and banish their fear of victimization. This is equally true for our men, both young and old.
            In an essay on gang crime in the USA , the author says, “Young people involved in street gangs are at greater risk than young offenders who are not gang members. They are more likely to be victims of crime, to engage in substance abuse, and to fail at school and thus be socially ostracized”, leading to the creation of an underclass. This underclass exists in the most run down areas of American cities and that street gangs’ main crimes are drug-related, and the growth of crime in this underclass is due to material deprivation, the root cause of mugging. Street gang members are twenty times more likely than other disaffected groups to be involved in a disproportionate amount of delinquency, especially violent crime.
            Public outrage and demands for extreme punitive action have forced authorities to take a long and serious look at crimes against teenaged boys and girls, particularly raping of girls. Programs like setting up of crisis centers in colleges, counseling for victims to reduce traumatic psychological damage, stricter laws, faster police response, awareness of areas to be avoided, traveling in groups and in a car, classes in martial arts, increased sympathy and near-eradication of ostracism of rape victims have had salutary effects, reflected in the drop in numbers of rapes. Muggings and street crimes, however, show no change in numbers.  
            Most States have different criteria to determine whether rape actually took place. This must be standardized. Jail sentences vary from as low as one year going up to ten years. The first issue that must be righted is variation in punishments. A minimum of ten years in prison without parole must be enforced. The rapist must be kept on watch thereafter for five years. Current deterrents must be increased in severity. Sadly, most victims knew they were treading a path fraught with danger, yet they did not take adequate precaution to defend themselves if attacked. In any case, all teenagers in high school must be taught martial arts as a method of self-defense. Weapons like guns may not be available to all, nor do women find them convenient to carry or use, unless they have a handbag. Even then, getting a gun out and actually using it is a very difficult task and increases the would-be perpetrator’s anger. Let’s face it: 90,000 rapes and over three million street crimes/muggings every year is simply unacceptable.
            Another inescapable fact is that mugging and rape can never be eradicated. What you can do is minimize it. You must learn self-defense. Carry a licensed gun if authorized and if you sincerely believe you will be able to use it. However, chances are that you will not be in such a position. So why not go for a simple and proven system of self defense? Mace has been the most popular form of self-defense for decades.
Consider its properties:
Mace is committed to protecting you and your family. We have a huge selection of self defense and personal safety products, but our most popular product is the famous Mace Pepper Spray. Yes, Mace uses chloroaceto-phenone along with other tear gases and is not legal in USA, but our Pepper sprays are as good and a non-lethal and humane form of self defense. Most Mace pepper sprays are easily carried: on a key chain, on person while strolling at night or in your pocket as you jog on deserted tracks.”
Mace is available in the USA as a spray or a gel. I recommend the “Triple Action Pepper Spray. The pepper content causes the eyes to slam shut and uncontrollable choking. The tear gas causes profuse tear formation and disorientation. This combination is a powerful self defense spray. This formula also contains UV dye to invisibly mark an assailant which may aid in identification”. Some people prefer our Pepper Gel in windy areas, since winds affect the spray range. The Gel is sticky, unlike than the liquid of the pepper sprays and sprays up to 18 feet, which is farther than our other sprays. Pepper Gel also contains UV dye. Mace sells 43 self-defense products, so you might consider visiting their official website.
            The effect of Mace varies from person to person. An individual who is systematically trained on countering it by starting with mild dosage, building up very slowly with time, can reach a phase where the spray’s effect is minimal. This is a hypothetical scenario, as you cannot foresee a person putting his eyes at risk for a possible eventuality in the future. Users like riot control forces may go through an indoctrination course. We have, however, found that people who are intoxicated or in a drug-induced stupor are least affected. But such people can be easily overpowered.
            I strongly advise you to buy this inexpensive spray or gel and protect yourself from bodily harm in the future. Use it, render your attacker impotent, get away quickly from the scene and call 911.