Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Recharging Mobile Phones Online

Recharging Mobile Phones Online

After an accident in 1996, I was left with a broken neck permanently twisted to the right. I had to support it with my right hand and up to just a lustrum ago, I used to feel acutely embarrassed walking down a road in public. I felt that people were staring at me and sniggering. Today, I’m only another Daffodil for Wordsworth, ‘tossing my head in sprightly dance’. Every second person on the street has his head twisted and a hand to his neck. The difference is that he/she is talking on a mobile telephone!
            A mobile or cell phone essentially connects you to a cellular network operated by a mobile phone company, which, in turn, connects you to any other phone, be it mobile or a fixed landline telephone. You pay the network your cell phone is hooked up with for this facility, with total cost dependent on your usage. You can buy talk time in advance(Prepaid), or pay for it at the end of a billing cycle(Postpaid).
            India's mobile network is the second largest in the world and boasts of the lowest call tariffs globally, indicative of a plethora of networks and cut throat competition amongst them. Prominent players in the market include the Reliance, Uninor, Idea, Vodaphone networks, among others.

            Every mobile phone works on a rechargeable battery and a subscriber identification module (SIM) card, which represents a unique cell phone. Today, you can recharge a fading battery online. Take Reliance Online Recharge, as an example. If you are using a smartphone, log onto the Internet, locate Reliance and recharge your battery by paying through your Credit Card for prepaid connections. Alternatively, select talk time and have it billed to you as part of your billing cycle. If you do not have a smartphone, the procedure is slightly different in that you will have to use a computer that is internet enabled.

            Uninor is a recent entrant in the mobile market in India. Part of the Norwegian Telenor Group, one of the world’s largest mobile telecom companies, its headquarters are located close to Oslo. Uninor started its mobile services on 3 December 2009, in 21 of the 22 circles in India. acquiring a 67.25% equity stake in Unitech Wireless India, with requisite government approvals and licenses to provide mobile services pan-India. It was possible then to get your mobile going using Uninor recharge. As of now, it is awaiting clarifications following cancellation of Unitech Wireless India’s license.

            Idea Cellular Services, from the Aditya Birla Group, usually referred to as Idea, rode on a tidal wave of success of its ‘What an idea, sir ji’ ad on TV. Idea mobile network operators are based in Mumbai, India. The company was the first to offer flexible tariff plans for prepaid customers. Idea Cellular won the GSM Association Award for ‘Best Billing and Customer Care Solution’ for 2 consecutive years. Idea's subscriber base crossed the 100 million mark in total mobile connections in India by end 2011. A sine qua non in today’s mobile smart-phone world, the Idea online recharge facility is freely available pan India.