Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Types of Funeral Services


    I strove with none, for none was worth my strife.
    Nature I loved, and, next to nature, Art;
    I warm'd both hands before the fire of Life;
    It sinks, and I am ready to depart.
                                                         Walter Savage Landor, 1846
            The ONE thing that is certain in life is that death awaits you at some point in your existence. Considered a tragedy, relatives, friends, acquaintances and well wishers visit, call or write to those bereaved, offering their condolences, except in Ireland, where death is followed immediately by a wake, a social rite where the same retinue, viz., relatives, friends, acquaintances and well wishers celebrate the occasion with music, liquor and gaiety, with the intention of getting drunk.
            Ireland apart, death is always a solemn occasion, with grief writ large on the countenance of the bereaved. Post-death procedures vary markedly in a global context, but in the US, death is a somber event ending with either a burial or cremation. Burials can be expensive, upwards of ten thousand dollars, but cheaper options do exist.
            For people on a limited budget, a Graveside Service for a direct burial is a viable option. It is funeral service with no formal religious ceremony except for that performed directly at the grave site. Special low cost packages are available for those who choose to have a formal funeral first, followed by a Graveside Service at the place of burial.
            A Cemetery Mausoleum is another option of burial for those who wish to pay respect to their loved ones without purchasing a cemetery plot or burial vault, which can leave a significant dent in your finances, crossing $100,000. The public mausoleum form of burial is shared by a large variety of families, cutting down cost considerably, thereby providing an inexpensive alternative to privately owned mausoleums and traditional grave burials. The Cemetery Mausoleum, a popular choice of mausoleum, is easily accessible for all types of families.
            You can opt for a cremation instead, a trend that is gaining popularity by the day. State Governments stipulate certain mandates for a Cremation Society with respect to standards of care. Families must be guaranteed that the cremains they receive are actually of their deceased member. This is why a Cremation Society cremates only one person at a time. Moreover, only humans be cremated.