Sunday, December 2, 2012

Online Recharge of Mobile Phones


           A mobile or a cell phone, as it is called in the USA, basically connects you to a cellular network operated by a mobile phone company, which, in turn, connects you to any other phone, whether it is a mobile or a fixed landline telephone. You pay the network your cell phone is hooked up with for this facility, with total cost dependent on your usage. You can buy talk time in advance (Prepaid), or pay for it at the end of a billing cycle (Postpaid). Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices. SMSs or Text messages are also charged as talk time and, during normal working hours, are much cheaper than live calls. Rates of live calls also dip during non-working hours and on Sundays, as do SMS rates.   

          Every mobile phone works on a rechargeable battery and a subscriber identification module (SIM) card, which represents a unique cell phone. Today, you can recharge a fading battery online. For an online recharge, simply log on to your network and pay upfront for prepaid, or have it added to your bill (postpaid). You can do it yourself if you have a smartphone, or drop in at the nearest mobile shop who will do the needful. 
          Innovating tariff policies is much easier, simpler and more effective than innovating service functions. Suppose that end users receive SMSs from the mobile operator, informing them that since they have used the network for 300 days, their recharge value on that day would be doubled as a bonus, and they would be entitled to new discounts on each 100th day thereafter. In all probability, they would be happy to keep the subscription and tell their friends what a great deal it is. Although various bells and whistles influence some customers, price is usually the most important consideration when subscribers make their final choices.

         Most networks offer various schemes to retain or attract new customers as stated in the para supra. Take Vodafone. To avoid the hassle of withdrawing cash or searching for a retailer to buy a Vodafone Prepaid recharge, just buy yourself a Vodafone Prepaid recharge or a Bonus Card online, in a few easy steps. Simply select the Prepaid recharge or Bonus Card you need, make your payment and get a recharge instantly. Online Airtel recharge is available in almost every city in India. They too come out with periodic money saving schemes to retain or attract new customers. The procedure remains more or less the same, when compared with other networks.