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Helicopter Fractional Ownership With Professional Management

Helicopter Fractional Ownership With Professional Management

Fractional ownership is a unique way of delivering helicopter flight services in state of the art helicopters otherwise unavailable from local charter companies. With fractional ownership, an individual or company purchases a share, or interest in a helicopter which is an “undivided lien-free interest” similar to “tenants-in-common” in real estate ownership. You retain financial and legal control over your fractional asset in a specific serial numbered aircraft registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The other owners cannot encumber your interest. The Company manages everything concerning the care and operation of your helicopter interest. It provides  professionally trained pilots, flight planning, maintenance, hangar, insurance and scheduling. The ownership experience is truly “turnkey” and hassle free. 

Schedule your trip with one simple phone call. Fractional aircraft ownership offers companies and individuals all the benefits of full aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost of owning an entire aircraft. You pay a monthly management fee to cover fixed costs and an hourly rate each time you fly to cover direct operating costs.

The widespread acceptance of fractional business jet ownership has had a profound impact on the growth of the business aviation marketplace. It has revolutionized the way many businesses and individuals acquire aircraft and aircraft services to satisfy their transportation requirements. Fractional ownership of business jets allows companies to keep up with the globalization of business. It fulfills the desire to travel more safely, securely and efficiently and achieve greater productivity. And it makes the “life changing” personal benefits of aircraft ownership available and affordable to more and more individuals and companies. 

Fractional ownership of a corporate transport twin-engine helicopter fulfills all the benefits of the business jet programs but on a local basis. And, while the flexibility of business jet travel is often compared to the uncertainties of contemporary airline travel, the corporate helicopter gains its main advantage when compared not to another form of air travel, but to the ever-growing problems of trying to get anywhere quickly in an automobile.


    1.      Availability: guaranteed 100% access to aircraft • 24/7 emergency line • control your own schedule.
    2.      Productivity: save time; up to 80% over driving • most efficient for travel distances of 250 miles or less • compress multi-day trips into one and reduce number of overnight stays • efficiently attend multiple face-to-face meetings
    3.      Convenience: turnkey / hassle free ownership experience without the burdens of management • “door-to-door” travel service to congested city centers, small airports, private property, and remote locations.  
    4.      Safety: new state-of-the-art twin engined helicopters, fully redundant computerized systems • professionally trained, experienced crew. 
    5.   Affordable: justifiably affordable • flexible enrollment terms; 3-year term with Fair Market Value payout and option to re-enroll or upgrade • no hourly minimums • full legal and tax benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost.
    6.      Lifestyle: healthier balance between business and personal commitments.

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