Sunday, October 5, 2014

Noel Moitra Today


I am a retired Air Force fighter pilot and I love my family, flying, the English language and teaching, in that order.
 That's me in the leading aircraft

  • I started writing in 1967, for the National Academy Bi-yearly Journal and moved up as a freelance writer for periodicals like 'The Blitz', The Illustrated Weekly of India and local weeklies. I was called upon in 1981 by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to write for and edit our Flight Safety Magazine, to which I have contributed over one hundred articles over the years. I wrote an article on a newly-engineered Lift Augmentation Device, the Vortilon, and it was integrated with other devices in that specific segment in the Textbook on Aerodynamics published by the IAF, the IAP 3106, in 2008.
  • I edited all IAF Coffee Tables from 1990 to 1996. As Staff Officer to two Air Chiefs, I also edited ALL that they wrote, from important letters to newspaper releases and complimentary letters to obituaries. I was responsible for adding the finishing touches to their speeches and addresses to the Indian Govt.
  • My expertise garnered over 30 years plus is backed by a BTech., a BBA., two Masters (one in English Literature, the other in Defence Studies) and a D. Litt.
  • An alumnus of Loyola School and Junior College, Pune, I hold a Diploma in German, obtained in 1970 from Goethe-Institut at Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. A linguist, I also speak French, Hindi and four other regional languages.
  • I have written 5,000+ Academic/ Business / Technical articles while editing and proofreading,   both in soft copy and Adobe Pagemaker, more than 75,000 articles as Editor-in-Chief at a publishing house in Delhi, Contact Communications. These articles span the entire gamut of journalism and publishing, including magazines, pamphlets, novels, novellas and illustrated children’s books and comics; academic and all sorts of educational works, from new nursery rhymes to theses, and SEO optimised website content.
  • I was also a founder member of StitchWorld International Forum of Technologists (SWIFT), which examined, among a host of other issues, what was amiss in Indian workplace ethics, incentives and motivation, rewarding outstanding workers without being divisive and the tricky issue of gender discrimination. Check out and, both written by me. I feature in the photographs in both reports.
  • For the other two magazines, ApparelOnline and Trend Fusion, I wrote as a specialist on the WTO, particularly on the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) and all restrictions thereunder(quotas); Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); the ISO 9000 family of quality control mechanisms; ILO’s SA 8000, etc..
  • I have designed the syllabus for Finance and Business Studies for the state of New Jersey, USA and will be called upon to set examination papers in the near future in a separate contract.
  • I have written 40 x 10,000 word essays which are online or archived at
  • I produce clean, crisp and precise work. My work at a conclave at IMB, Germany in 2006 was so impressive that I was hired by a renowned aerospace company to write classified papers/ proposals/presentations at Company HQ for the next three years, targeted at the multi-billion Indian defense market.

  • Passed SSLC Exam with Distinction.
  • 1st in UPSC Selection Exam for the National Defence Academy.
  • 1st in NDA Air Branch Cadets written tests.
  • 1st in Flying Instructors School, Tambaram, Chennai; bagged Majithia Trophy with record marks that still stand.
  • Inducted MiG-21 bis in 1976; fastest 1,000 hrs on the MiG-21 bis.
  • Inducted Mirage 2000 aircraft in 1985. Only pilot to induct 2 types of aircraft.
  • Fastest 1,000 hours on the Mirage 2000 in the world.
  • Did 11 months flying cross-training in Germany.
  • Commanded a Mirage 2000 Squadron.
  • Awarded Vayu Sena Medal in '92.
  • Only pilot to have fired a S-530D BVR missile; it costs as much as a Mig 21.
  • Base Cdr at that Station, with 15,000 heads.
  • 1st in Staff College Entrance exam., did my Staff Course in UK.
  • Did my BBA in the UK (University of Reading).
  • Represented ASEAN in an AREA Meet in Japan.
  • Post-retirement, joined a publishing firm, Contact Communications and started commercial journalism, both writing and editing. Raised its Technical Magazine to a level where it was judged best Asian Technical Magazine at IMB, Cologne.
  • Worked with a leading global aerospace and air armament concern till 2010. 
  • Equally fluent in both UK and US English.
  • Part-time freelance editor/writer today; donate earnings to various causes.
  • Have interacted with World Leaders and also, regrettably, people like one J.K. Meclif who did not pay me for ghostwriting his book, which he is now claiming credit for, obviously. 
  • Professor Emeritus at three colleges.
  • I give Guest Lectures gratis at Lancer’s International College and Panjab College on Air Power and also on Low Intensity Conflict.
There is much more about me in older posts, so keep scrolling.