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This e-book has been written to provide information about Internet marketing. Every effort has been made to make this ebook as complete and accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content. Also, this e-book provides information on Internet marketing only up to the publishing date. Therefore, this ebook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source of Internet marketing information.

The purpose of this ebook is to educate. The author and the publisher does not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by this e-book.

Web Design Work

In the previous section, we discussed one type of web design work that you can do to make money—namely, creating sites for local businesses and creating local business directories. In addition to this, there are other ways that you can make money through web design.

Selling Your Services as a Freelance Web Designer

If you haven’t already designed multiple web sites, it’s probably not a good idea to try to sell yourself as a high-end web designer. However, as long as you have a WYSIWYG editor, know a little about Internet marketing, and are willing to work hard, you can expect to earn a decent bounty from mid-to-low level web design work.

Since I’ve gone over the general concept of freelancing several times already, I won’t focus on it too much here. Again, look at sites like,,, and others when trying to sell your web design
services. Additionally, remember that it is vital to have a portfolio (perhaps one site with multiple sub-domains to show off various styles and themes) and to avoid overselling your skills.

Sell Site Re-Designs to Companies

This is a little bit harder than doing typical web design work. Instead of simply selling your services, getting site specs, and then performing the design job, you will need to start this process by seeking out sites (and preferably sites of local businesses) that could benefit from a site-re-design.

Once you have located these sites, make a pitch to the business owner. Offer to redesign the site, so that it is more functional, provides more interactive features for visitors, generates more traffic, and appears more professional and better organized.

When you begin this process, offer to do it for a very low price until you build up a customer base; and begin receiving some feedback. Another thing you should do is to offer to maintain the site once it is re-designed. This means that you would be on call to monitor downtime; and to make any changes needed. This might seem like a hassle, but it could be well worth it if you accumulate a large portfolio of sites that require very little maintenance. By charging around $50/month for maintenance, you could reap a large and virtually passive income while only working 10-15 hours per week.


Freelance web design is an excellent way to make money, even if you have only created one or two websites and know nothing about Flash, php, or even html. The key is that you should work with a WYSIWYG editor (and master it over time), focus on working with local businesses, and sell the maintenance work as a package. Additionally, you should make an attempt to pitch your proposal over the phone.

Put an Advertisement on Your Car

Another quick way to raise some cash is to have a “wrap” put on your car. It’s basically just large advertisement that is either painted on or attached to your car. Normally, companies will pay to put wraps on their own fleet of cars; however, some companies also choose to advertise by paying normal drivers $300-750 per month to use a wrap that advertises the company’s products.
Unfortunately, getting selected for these positions can be difficult. Hundreds or even thousands of drivers often queue up as soon as companies begin offering these opportunities, so it can often be hard to find a spot.

Additionally, if you have a history of moving violations (such as multiple speeding tickets within a short period of time), then you may not be eligible—or at least your application won’t be given top priority. You may also not be disqualified if you do not drive frequently or if you don’t live in a major population center. If this still sounds like a good idea to you, you can get specific information about this opportunity at the following sites:


If you live outside of the U.S., there are still many other similar advertising
opportunities. Just look for mobile advertising companies in your area.

Associated Content, Helium, Constant-Content

As I mentioned in earlier sections, working as a freelance writer can be highly
lucrative; however, what I did not mention originally is that there are several other possibilities when it comes to freelance writing. You don’t always have to look for a buyer; and then create a project that matches her specifications.
Rather, there are other models of freelance writing that don’t involve you using Upwork/Guru/PPH or forums to find customers. In particular, sites like,, and www.constant-content. com permit you to participate in such alternative freelancing approaches. Within this class of sites, there are two important additional categories: 1) the category of sites that facilitate direct sales of your writing; and 2) the category of sites that permit you to post content—and then pay you according to how frequently it is viewed on the site.

Category 1 Sites

Sites like www.associatedcontent and will permit you to post articles on their site. Publishers will then browse the site for topics of interest; and purchase your articles if they think it would be a good match for their site’s content.

One benefit of using this category of freelance site is that your articles will usually sell for a high price (i.e. for $15-20/each, rather than $5/each). Additionally, if you truly enjoy writing, the higher prices will permit you to create something requires research and careful thought, rather than something that simply requires you to write as quickly as is possible.

The major downside of this type of freelancing is that there’s no guarantee that anyone will buy your articles at the end of the day. This means that you could invest hours in your articles; and could ultimately never make any money.

Category 2 Sites

Unlike category 1 sites, category 2 sites, such as, do not match you with a buyer. Instead, you give the site your content; and, in return, you gain revenue whenever someone views your article. Usually, this amounts to something like 1-3 cents per view.

In general, if you plan to use category 2 sites, you should be careful about which topics you pick. Since these sites usually generate revenue through Google AdSense, they often pay accordingly. This means that you should write about topics that businesses spend a lot of advertising money on.

It might not initially be obvious what these topics are, but if you spend some time on Google Adwords searching for keywords, you should be able to scrape
together some keywords that people pay a great deal to advertise for.


Ultimately, neither of these methods provides a lighting-fast way to make money. If you need money today or by the end of the week, you definitely have other options that are better (such as using or to find freelancing projects); however, as a form of supplementary income, these sites are not a bad option.

Find a Freelance Babysitting Job

If you’re tired of reading guides that supposedly will teach you how to make money online—but do little other than belch hot air about some business opportunity—then this method will come as a breath of fresh air to you.

Instead of creating a website, building traffic over time, creating a product, and then waiting for the profits to flow in, you can simply look for a babysitting job that will likely pay you cash (and possibly even the same day).

Today, the process of getting a babysitting job isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. You don’t need to know someone who knows someone who needs a
babysitter. All you have to do is locate good places online to find parents who
need babysitters; and then submit dozens of job applications. In a matter of
hours, you very well could have a job lined up for tonight.

Start by going to This is one of the best places to find sitting jobs. All you have to do there is create a profile, and do a good job of advertising yourself. Remember to highlight things about yourself that will put potential employers at ease; and will communicate to them that you will be good sitter.

In addition to this, there are two other things you may want to consider doing: 1) allowing to run a background check on you, so that you can demonstrate to parents that you do not pose any threat to the children. Also, you may want to consider including a picture of yourself in your profile, so that your application has a more human feel to it.

In addition to, there are many other places for you to locate sitting jobs. One of those places is You can start by going to the site and then selecting the major city closest to your place of residence.

Once you have done this, browse and search through the “gigs” and “jobs”
section to locate promising sitting jobs. Look for parents who are willing to pay cash; and who need a sitter immediately (perhaps because they have plans for the evening). Since they will have fewer options and will be in a rush, there’s a better chance they’ll select you and do so without taking up a lot of your time with interviews, questions, and other formalities.

Overall, this strategy is an excellent way to make cash fast when you’re in a bind. This is especially true if you have past sitting experience or have had children of your own.

Use Myspace Forums to Sell Products

Social media has proven itself to be one of the best venues for marketing
products in a hurry. In the past, Internet marketers have held contests to see how much they can make in one day, one week, or one month by creating a new product and selling it through a social marketing medium.

When it comes to this type of project, there are two things to ask yourself: 1) what type of product should you sell? And 2) what medium should you sell it in? In this section, I will cover how to sell on Myspace forums. In the next section, we’ll consider Twitter. Let’s start with the types of products you might want to sell on Myspace.

What Product to Sell

You might immediately assume that you should sell one of your flagship
products, but in fact, social media sites are not always the best place to do this. For this reason, you will want to answer this question by doing market research, rather than simply picking a product and running with it.

One way you can approach this is to begin browsing through a variety of
Myspace member forums. Do this for various categories; and make an attempt to gauge how large the forum following is. Are there hundreds of people who post regularly? Thousands? What is it that they’re talking about; and what information could they possibly need to help them in their endeavors?

Once you find a group that strikes you, begin reading up on their topic of choice; and then participate in the forum discussions. Try to make friends and be helpful. This will benefit you in the long run, since they are unlikely to respond well to you

if they perceive you as a green-eyed infiltrator whose only interest is in selling
them stuff.’ After you have a feel for the forum and the topic, commission a writer through a site like Guru/Upwork/People Per Hour to create a powerful, but brief, “how to” manual on some specific facet of their topic. For instance, you might follow a jewelry group; and decide to create a guide on how to purchase high quality beads online at a steep discount.

Whatever you do, make sure that this topic is something you hear about on the forum frequently. Your goal should be to provide a product that solves a problem that seems to be common among forum members. Once you have this guide in hand, create a mini-site with a short copy salespage; and a PayPal checkout button, so that you can receive payment immediately. On the salesletter, highlight the following benefits of your guide:

• Explain how it will tangibly improve the lives of your target demographic
group (i.e. after you read my guide, you will be able to do task x twice as
fast) in general.
• Highlight the specific benefits of certain chapters (i.e. chapter 8 alone will
save you $100 per month).

Also, consider selling your guide for a very, very low price. Your goal here should be to make the decision to purchase a no-brainer. Initially, you shouldn’t bludgeon your new customers with high-end products. Introduce 

them to your work with something that costs around $3-7. If you do a good job with everything else, you could easily make around $500 in a matter of days. The final step is market your product by creating a signature that references it. Beyond that, all you can do is post frequently; and hope that people see it and buy.

Use Twitter to Market Your Myspace Forum Product

If you used the earlier method , you now have an inexpensive, entry-level product, a sales page, and a check-out system. All you need to do now is direct additional traffic to it. While posting on Myspace Forums was a good way to start, there are still a lot of options available for traffic generation.
One such option is Twitter. 

Of course, this network can also be used to make money. To do this, you’ll need to start by creating an account if you do not already have one. After that, you will want to begin adding people who might be good targets for your sales campaign. You can do this by searching to see who is tweeting about topics related to your product. You can then add them. After a week or so, if you worked diligently, you will have hundreds of followers.

What you should do next is begin making tweets that do not directly pitch your product. Instead, they should simply communicate interesting and useful
information about your product niche. Your goal in this whole process is to spur some interest in your twitter profile, which is where you will place a link to your salespage. That’s right: instead of using your profile to conduct a massive pitchfest, you will use it to draw people in naturally, so that they view your profile on their own terms—and then decide whether to buy.

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum claims to be the #1 Internet Marketing Forum Since 1997, and I don’t doubt that.When I just visited the forum to grab those statistics, I noticed that there were 3,520 people actively on the forum at that very moment. That’s insane! Depending on any posts that you write, the likelihood of getting a quick response is very high.

I also really appreciate the fact that there’s an entire section dedicated to mindset within the forum, entitled: Mind Warriors – Success, Power, Self-Improvement. The description of this section says it all:

This forum is dedicated to discussion on all topics related to self-improvement. This most certainly fits into a money-making forum because power, energy and creativity translates into being able to make more money.
Almost everyone I’ve seen and met from Warrior Forum is super friendly, and you can tell that they have great pride in being a part of the community. Adrian from, and Howie who is actively working on his own eBook project, are very active on Warrior Forum and are some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met online. The experience and knowledge of the members range from total beginner all the way up to expert, so where ever you’re at with your online business or blog, there will be something you can learn in the Warrior Forum.

Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is known as one of the top Affiliate Marketing Forums on the web, so if you’re dabbling in affiliate marketing, especially in regards to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Networks, this forum is for you.

Some of the people on Wicked Fire are raking in tons of money and like to share how they do it. My only caveat about this forum is that it can be rather vulgar, and if you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’ll eat you up and spit you out. If you’re a beginner interested in affiliate marketing, I’d definitely read the threads and soak in as much information as you want (which is gold), but I wouldn’t start or participate in any conversations.
I am not a member myself, but I used to read a lot of the posts on Wicked Fire back when I was actively affiliate marketing with PPC.

Self-Starters Weekly Tips

The Self-Starters Weekly Tips Forum (SSWT) is a forum administered by Lynn Terry, a 12 year internet marketing veteran and owner of Click Newz. Because this is a significantly smaller forum than the rest, I find that the advice and the attention given to each post is much more personal. Lynn herself can always been seen on the forums offering her advice as well, which is really cool.
SSWT is a great spot for beginners who may be intimidated by some of the larger sites. The close-knit community is definitely very attractive and always keeps me coming back to see what everyone is up to. Personally, I find myself giving out more advice than I am taking in, which is okay with me because I love to help other people – but if you’re looking for more advanced advice, you may want to check out Lynn’s Elite Members Forum (paid), or one of the other forums mentioned here.

Digital Point Forum

The Digital Point Forum is the latest forum I’ve become a part of and seriously – it’s HUGE. It has sections for everything about internet marketing, including:

  • Search Engines: with subcategories Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Directories
  • Marketing: with subcategories General Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networks, Link Development, PPC Advertising, and Affiliate Programs
  • Business: with subcategories General Business, eCommerce, Payment Processing, Legal Issues, Domain Names, Copywriting, and Buy/Sell/Trade
  • Design & Development: with subcategories HTML & Website Design, Graphics and Multimedia, Content management, Programming, Site and Server Administration, and Databases
  • Products & Tools
The content is great, people are quick to respond to new posts, and from what I’ve experienced in the past week I’ve been a registered user, everyone is very friendly and happy to help each other out, no matter what level you’re at.Yes – that’s A LOT of content, but imagine how much great information has been passed between people on those threads.

A couple of notable things to point out. They have a great marketplace where you can post things you want to sell, be it a website or domain name, whatever – and people are usually quick to respond with questions to learn more about your offer. Even further, if you want something designed, you can hold a contest for it and get some stuff designed for you in no time. People scour the contest sections just waiting for a chance to earn some extra cash, so take advantage of that if you want.

There is, however, a 7 day “probation period” that you must endure before you can post within certain sections (like in the marketplace and contest areas), and before you can edit your signature. I like this because it keeps the spammers away and really shows that they care about the quality of posts and people on their forum. Most of the other parts of the forum are accessible from day 1. Good deal. (not to be confused with Darren Rowse’s blog at is a new forum that Darren just debuted in October. The cool thing about this forum is that it’s all about blogging. Here are the sections of the forum, just to give you a sneak peek:

  • Blog Promotion / Finding Readers
  • Making Money with Your Blog
  • Writing Content
  • Blog Design
  • Tech Issues
  • Collaboration
  • Critique
  • Tutorials
  • General Chit Chat
In just a few months, there are over 21,500 posts, so you can imagine how active this forum is. I’ve been a member since the beginning, and the quality of information here is superb. Probably the best part about being part of the community is the ability to connect and network with other bloggers, all with the common goal of managing a successful blog.

There is, however, a subscription fee of $5.95 a month, which is totally worth it. If you really want to take your blog to the next level and join a fantastic community, it’s worth sacrificing a couple of non-fat decaf caramel white chocolate mochas a month. Wouldn’t you think?
You can find me there under the username: PatFlynn :)

Before You Forum Away

If you’re excited about joining one or more of these forums, excellent! Before you do that, I’d like to leave you with a few final things you should know, no matter which forum or forums you may be interested in.

  1. Don’t Join Just to Promote Your Own Site. If you go into these forums and just link back to your website without providing any quality content or asking relevant questions, you’ll get kicked out. Please, don’t do that.
  2. Utilize Your Signature. To promote your site, you can simply place a link within the signature portion of your profile. Your signature gets shown in every post you write, so if you interest people with what you have to say, they’ll click over to your site.
  3. Read the Rules Before Posting. Each forum has their own set of rules and regulations, so take a moment to read them. They are usually posted as a “sticky post” in the very top of the forum.
  4. Before you Start a New Thread, Perform a Search First. Almost every post since the beginning of a forum’s life is saved, so to not waste everyone’s time (including your own), do a quick search to see if any questions you want to post are already answered. Everyone will appreciate this.
  5. Help Other People in Need. If you come across a thread or post that asks a question that you know the answer to, respond! That’s what keeps the forum alive, and remember – each time you post, your signature gets shown. If you totally blow people’s minds with your answers, other people will notice, and you’ll get some clicks to your own site.
And my final piece of advice is this: don’t get lost in the forums. In other words, these forums are great resources that you can utilize for help, and even lend a helping hand in, but it’s really easy to click from post to post and lose track of time and not actually get any work done.

Be a part of the community, but don’t forget about your primary goals!

Enter a Joint Venture Partnership

If you don’t already have a site and an email list of your own, a joint venture can be one of the best ways to make money quickly. When it comes to joint venture partnerships, there are three things to keep in mind:

1. Most good JV partners will reject you initially. If a person immediately
accepts your JV offer, there’s a good chance that she is not receiving
many offers. On the other hand, if she doesn’t respond initially or tells you
that she’ll need more time or a better offer, this probably (but doesn’t
always) mean that a lot of people are pursuing her as a JV partner.
Why is this important to understand? Because you will get rejected many
times initially when you first begin sending out offers. It is important to
understand that partnerships can often be a numbers game; and that you
shouldn’t be discouraged too easily.

2. Be courteous and make a generous offer. Often, the simple presence of a
JV partner will boost your sales and your profile as a marketer far beyond
what it will do for you in direct sales from that partner. For this reason, it is
always a good idea to approach JV partners with a generous offer; and to
be patient, kind, and courteous.

3. Stay focussed in your presentation. If you’re looking for a JV partner who
can drive traffic to your site; and you are willing to offer a profit-sharing
arrangement in exchange, then say that upfront. Make sure they
understand exactly what it is that you need from them; and exactly what
they will get for participating.

If you do these three things—and if you remain persistent—you have a good
chance of finding at least a few JV partners who will be willing to work with you and promote your project.

Offer Services to Internet Marketers

As an Internet marketer, you understand the sales process. You know how to
create ad campaigns, exchange links, create sales letters, manage auto- responders, create check-out pages—and all the other things that Internet
marketers do on a daily basis.

As it turns out, this can be very useful if you’re in a bid and need cash. You can simply offer your services to Internet marketers on forums and in other places in exchange for small fees. For instance, if you need to make $50/day for the next week, then offer to submit a site’s link to 50 directories for $5. You should have no problem pulling in 10 sales per day with that a strategy like that.

Make a Special Offer on the WarriorForum or SitePoint

Several large forums allow members to submit special offers to other members. If you need cash badly, consider using this section on one of the larger Internet marketing forums to sell something that a lot of people need for very cheap. For instance, consider writing a 15-page report on a current hot topic; and selling it for $3 per copy as a special offer. This may sound like a tiny amount—and indeed it is—but that’s exactly the point. You’re not selling a massive, comprehensive set of encyclopedias. You’re simply selling something small and targeted for a tiny price, so that potential buyers don’t have to think hard about what to do. If you do a good job with this approach and create a valuable product, there’s a good chance you’ll make hundreds of dollars from your offer.

Sell Custom Content

Mini-Sites: If you can write well and can also do basic graphic design work, consider churning out some custom content mini-sites. This might consist of something like a standard graphics package for a site, including a logo and banners; as well as 10-15 articles.

Once you have created your content mini-site, consider how best to sell it.
Usually, the best place to sell it is a marketing forum; however, the price and the number of copies you want to sell may be harder question. If you believe you can make 2 sites per day, then it may make sense to sell them for as little as $30/each. Remember, also, that you should research the topics you pick in advance, so that the sites you create will target lucrative keywords for your buyers.

Make a 5/95 JV Offer

If you’re really desperate and need cash fast, then it may be time to start trying to solicit the help of others more aggressively. One way to do this is to make offers that they cannot refuse. For instance, you could offer to develop a product independently and at your own expense (and also agree to revise it until the JV partner finds it acceptable) if your partner will give you a mere 5% split of the profits she receives from promoting it.

While it might seem like you’re giving away too much here for it to be worth it, this can often be one of your best options when you’re in a bind. If even one marketer with a large list accepts this offer, you have the potential to make hundreds—if not thousands—of sales. This could translate into you making several hundred dollars in the span of two weeks.

Sell Unprofitable Parts of Your Business

If you already have an Internet-based business, but parts of it aren’t performing particularly well, then it may be a good idea to sell off the unprofitable parts, consolidate everything that is working; and move forward with a new model.

These unprofitable sections of your business might include websites that are
poorly monetized; or products that don’t seem to sell very well. Whatever the
case may be, consider selling it on a forum like SitePoint. If you have monthly
revenue data (from AdSense or PayPal records), this will be helpful. Even if the site doesn’t sell well for you, that doesn’t mean it can’t for someone
else. This is something that is important to highlight when making the sale. Point out the positives about the site (such as its daily unique visitor counts); and then mention how this can potentially make more money if monetized better.

One good thing about selling your unprofitable sites is that you can usually get something like 7-10 months worth of profit from the sale. Even if your site was making a meager $100/mo, this could translate into an immediate sale for $700-1000. 

As far as e-books, reports, and unprofitable intellectual property go, consider
selling them on forums. Do whatever you need to in order to make the most from them—whether it be selling the master resale rights; or simply selling them to many people with a restrictive license.


When most Internet marketers talk about making money online, they talk about it in the context of doing it quickly or immediately. In general, this doesn’t work if you want to create a viable, long-term business model. However, if you just want to make some cash now and don’t care about how stable and scalable your methods are in the long run, there are ways to do it.

In this guide, I’ve outlined 21 ways to do exactly that: to make money offline or online fast; and without necessarily having any interest in continuing to do so in the long run. If you settle on a handful of these options, take my advice, and work hard, you’ll make that money you need for now; and once you have it, you’ll be able to return to your long term business plans.