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         That's me in the cockpit of the lead Mirage-2000

    I am a retired Indian Air Force fighter pilot and I love my family, flying, the English language and teaching, in that order. I was awarded the VM for my role in  retrieving No 1 Sqn IAF after the ill fated hangar collapse in Gwalior in 1989 and restoring it to its place in the IAF hierarchy, viz., Best Fighter Squadron in the Indian Air Force.

I started writing in 1967, for the National Academy Bi-yearly Journal and moved up as a freelance writer for periodicals like 'The Blitz', The Illustrated Weekly of India and local weeklies. I was called upon in 1981 by the Indian Air Force (IAF) to write for and edit our Flight Safety Magazine, to which I have contributed over one hundred articles over the years. I edited all IAF Coffee Tables from 1990 to 1996. As Staff Officer to two Air Chiefs, I also edited ALL that they wrote, from important letters to newspaper releases and complimentary letters to obituaries. I was responsible for adding the finishing touches to their speeches and addresses to the Indian Govt.

My expertise garnered over 40 years plus is backed by a BTech., a BBA. from the University of Reading, Berkshire, UK, and two Masters (one in English Literature, the other in Defence Studies). 

An alumnus of Loyola School and Junior College, Pune, I hold a Diploma in German, obtained in 1970 from Goethe-Institut at Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. A linguist, I also speak French, Hindi and three other regional languages.
    As Editor at a publishing house in Delhi, Contact Communications, I wrote Academic/ Technical/Business articles while editing and proofreading their three magazines (ApparelOnline, StitchWorld and TrendFusion), pamphlets, novels, novellas, academic & other non-fiction educational works, theses and website content. Their technical monthly magazine, StitchWorld was entrusted to me in totality.  
I was also a founder member of StitchWorld International Forum of Technologists (SWIFT), which examined, among a host of other issues, what was amiss in Indian workplace ethics, incentives and motivation, rewarding outstanding workers without being divisive and the tricky issue of gender discrimination. Check out and, both written by me. I feature in the photographs in both reports. 

For the other two magazines, ApparelOnline and Trend Fusion, I wrote as a specialist on the WTO, particularly on the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) and all restrictions thereunder (quotas); Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); the ISO 9000 family of quality control mechanisms; ILO’s SA 8000, etc. I also wrote short articles on what was trending then and possible avenues for the future. I was more deeply involved in editing TrendFusion, which called for a delicate balance between artistic license and acceptable English.
I have written nearly 9,000 articles/blogs, edited over 50,000 articles and proofread over 75 million words, in both MS Word and the microscopic Adobe Pagemaker. 

I have designed the syllabus for Finance and Business Studies, based on Glencoe’s “Teacher’s Annotated Edition”, for the state of New Jersey, USA. I expect to be called upon to set examination papers in the future in a separate contract.
I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Smart Media Group, Cyprus, where I have written the entire English Section (including most advertisements) of the monthly, quarterly and biannual magazines, which vary between 80 to 120 pages. These are bilingual, the second language being Russian, taking up one quarter of the magazine. 

I no longer write for agencies as such, though I have worked with many, like,,,, and others, just to get an idea of where I stood, because my rates are relatively steep. In 2008, I was among the top five highest paid writers at Elance.   

I produce clean, crisp and precise work. My efforts were considered so impressive at a conclave in Germany in 2009 that I was awarded Best Writer/Editor (English Language) and immediately hired by a renowned aerospace company to write classified papers/ proposals/ presentations at Company HQ for the next three years. These were targeted at the multi-billion Indian defence market.

Starting 2007, I've completed 298 jobs at Elance, with 60 x 10,000-word fully researched articles for Daniel Eapen (, all $1000 essays. They were pleasurable, but enervating, keeping me on edge throughout.

I wrote the 30,000-word original document with a raw film-script on the Deepwater Horizon well before the New York Times and went to Hollywood for an interview for the post of Assistant Scriptwriter for the blockbuster on screen today. I was in the US then. I competed with Matthew Sand and the NYT Team of Barstow, Rohde, and Stephanie Saul. I’m Indian, so all I got was a 5-day fully paid for holiday at Beverly Hills. Matthew Carnahan was the primary scriptwriter. You can see the reworked short post that I sold to Krill Oils for $2,500 at  You will see how history is documented. 

I have also written the outline of the most popular eBook on Nursing which is at    a $2,000 task for excellent paymasters. I wrote one 12,000 to 15,000-word essay per month for them till December 2015.
I have edited fiction, non-fiction and a host of eBooks. The qualifications needed to edit books demand-copy editing & line editing: editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics and for internal consistency of facts; reorganising a manuscript for context and structure. The flow has to be consistent and sequential, with no areas of ambiguity.

I believe in proactive dynamism and lend verve and vitality to the text, visual or aural. My performance has regularly been rated excellent and laudatory compliments are unparalleled. If research is involved, I work on only 2,500-3,000 words in one day, sleep on it and rework the article the next day. I invariably conjure a better presentation le lendemain matin. 

I am known in Academia as Thesaurix.

My email is 

My encomiums are flattering:

1. “Outstanding work on a very complex topic that few will ever tread. Above and beyond other writers I have used on eLance or elsewhere. A tremendous asset to the Elance Community” Mathew Eapen;,

2. “It is rare to find such a Professional. Communication was 100%; words were 100% and delivery was well in excess of what we asked for and so we are of course very happy with this Professional. We rarely give a bonus but this time we just had to as the value of work was so good that only fair a bonus is paid.” eGuides Australia

3.  “I was under extreme time pressure to complete six articles and upload them to my client’s website. I had just six days and I allotted the longest and most complex article of 5,000-5,500 words to Noel Moitra on word of mouth and visible records. He not only submitted his amazingly in-depth article three days ahead of schedule with 27 unimpeachable references, but also volunteered to re-edit- free of cost- all work submitted in bits by the 5 other providers. I was stunned to see the errors made by these other 5 in the error tracking mode. I pride myself on my English, but must doff my cap to Noel. Exceptional worker, without doubt the best I've ever worked with, miles above the rest. Unreservedly recommended to one and all. He is worth twice his price!” Ross Madison

4. "In 16 years as head of an online article writing firm, I have not come across a writer as professional and distinguished as Noel Moitra. He is by far the BEST professional writer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I endorse him implicitly." Ivan Strouchliak.

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Friend: Gp.Capt.TP Srivastava, a retired fighter pilot from the Indian Air Force and a close colleague, has flown over 3,500 hrs on 17 types of aircraft. His passions in life are his Family, Flying, Mathematics and Writing, in that order. Post retirement, he has devoted time to social causes for the upliftment of society and enforcement of law and order. He has written numerous articles and theses over the past 35 years on international and strategic affairs, now collated as an anthology and published under the title PROFLIGATE GOVERNANCE, ISBN 978-93-85505-71-3. His eldest granddaughter is named Amaya and he has christened a unique number he has discovered after her.

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